Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month

Jet Treacy 

We at Festival Place not only take pride in hosting That Gallery in one of our units, but have decided to choose an artist of the month to boost young talent in the area. You can view and buy the work from the artist below at That Gallery. 

Our THAT Gallery artist of the month is the one and only Jet Treacy. Read more about Jet below. 

My name is Jeanette ‘Jet’ Treacy, I am a fine artist that specialises in animals. The mediums  I like to work with is Ink (fine liners) and acrylic paint although I am also currently  experimenting with other mediums such as oil paint, coloured pencils and digital art. I was  raised in Andover and have been drawing for the majority of my life but it wasn't until  secondary school where id properly find my passion for art. I studied art at Andover  college for three years. During the time, I would draw and paint people but it wasn’t until  after leaving that I found and developed my “style” and was drawn to drawing animals. 

I now mainly draw canine animals as I have had a love for dogs from a young age. I like to  include a form of fantasy or surrealism within my paintings and drawings, something that  makes them different from your usual animal art. Music, internet themes and human traits  inspire my work, I like to invoke human emotion within my canine subjects. I believe dogs  are the purest creatures on earth. Their inner and outer beauty is unmatched, they don't  judge or hate. Even when they are exploited and neglected by humans, they forgive and in  turn learn to love them again. This is one of the countless reasons dogs and their wilder  relatives are my main subject. I wish to show how magical they truly are through my  artwork.

Find Jet Treacy's work in THAT Gallery or on her online shop.