Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month

Cherril Norrie

We at Festival Place not only take pride in hosting That Gallery in one of our units, but have decided to choose an artist of the month to boost young talent in the area. You can view and buy the work from the artist below at That Gallery. 

Our THAT Gallery artist of the month is the one and only Cherril Norrie. Read more about Cherril below. 

I paint and draw because I love to. My themes: especially faces, dancers and cranes of the industrial kind but much else besides. I want to find the strength in the dancers and the beauty in the industrial and man-made. My medium: oils, anything to draw with. My colours: Alazarin crimson often, but always bold, often limited palette. Failure: art O'level. My captain: Picard, my doctor: Tom Baker, my companion: Alice.


Find Cherril Norrie's work in THAT Gallery this month or visit her website: