Giraffe at Festival Place

About Giraffe

Giraffe is passionate about discovering the best tastes, ingredients and recipes from around the world and sharing them with everyone. Giraffe’s World Kitchen makes vibrant food and drinks inspired by their love of travel and local eats, served in an energetic and happy atmosphere.

Open from breakfast right through to dinner, take a break from your shopping to discover a world of flavours including New York deli sandwiches, Asian curries and stir fries, a fabulous Flatbread range, fresh salads, juicy burgers and plenty of world plates to share with friends and family.

Giraffe offer their guests the flexibility to take control of their own dining experience. No more waiting for the bill whilst your toddler has a meltdown. People can order and pay at the till, giving them the freedom to leave when they are ready.

Giraffe Features

  • Accepts Festival Place Gift Cards
  • Deliveroo Available

Discounts Available

  • Student Discount: 30% off your food bill all day with a valid Student ID Card.

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