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24 Jul - 30 Aug 2024

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We had so much fun working with local school children last year, we couldn’t wait to get young people back to Festival Place.

Following the success of our Giving Garden project, we have been inspired to create a series of beautiful barrel gardens to brighten up the Upper Level of Festival Place for the summer.

This spring we have once again worked with Insta favourite, Leigh Johnstone - @beardygardener, and six local schools to create, decorate and plant the six beautiful bloomin’ barrel gardens. The project included a free in-school workshop where children worked with artists to decorate their oil barrels and picked up some gardening knowledge as they designed a planting plan with help from the Beardy Gardener, making sure each of their gardens told their own story.

The primary schools also attended a specially-written theatre show at The Forge in The Anvil followed by a workshop in which they planted their chosen plants and flowers into their themed barrel.

Collaboration with artWell Basingstoke -

As well as our beautiful bloomin’ gardens, we have worked with artWell Basingstoke to produce an amazing sculpture, and series of canvases.

artWell Basingstoke is a community orientated, not-for-profit organisation. Inspired by the sounds and colours found in our gardens, the works displayed in the exhibition space embrace the ideas, thoughts and responses from people attending the artWell groups. People who,for a variety of reasons, experience challenges that impact on their mental wellbeing.

Each work is collaborative, each colour, shape and choice of materials was created as a group, making these works truly collaborative and community-focused artworks. Sample pieces, behind the scenes photos and annotations will be included within the exhibition space to show the processes behind the artwork.

The artwork will be displayed in an exhibition space over the summer, opposite Starbucks on the Upper Level.

On 24th July we will launch the project including a grand reveal of the 6 decorated barrel gardens, the exhibition unit will open and we will be running the first in a series of craft workshops, running alongside the exhibition in the unit opposite Starbucks.

Wildlife Wednesdays -

We will be running four free family eco craft workshops over the summer holidays, running from 11am - 4pm

Join us for:

Floral Headdresses - 24th July

Wooden Bookmarks - 7th August

Origami Crafts - 14th August

Plant Pot Decorating - 21st August

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