Sitting With Jane at Festival Place

Coming Soon - Sitting With Jane

Festival Place are the proud headline sponsor and presentation partner for Sitting With Jane, a unique public art trail to celebrate Jane Austen's connections with Basingstoke as part of a global commemoration of her life 200 years on from her passing.

Jane Austen was born in Steventon, just a few miles from Basingstoke, and she lived there for more than half of her life. The places, people and landscapes of the area had an enormous influence on her novels and she drafted Pride and Prejudice while living here. Basingstoke was where she went to shop and dance and Sitting With Jane is aiming to celebrate this local heritage.

Sitting With Jane is a free public art trail made up of 25 'BookBenches' in and around Basingstoke, each uniquely designed and painted by a professional artist with their personal interpretation of a Jane Austen theme. It will be in place between June and September 2017 and will be accompanied by a free to download app and a trail guide. Then benches will then be auctioned in aid of Ark Cancer Centre Charity to leave a valuable lasting legacy in the region.

In-Centre Now - Sitting With Jane Artists Painting Benches

Until 15th April, Festival Place are hosting some of the artists taking part in the Sitting With Jane project. They are located in a unit next to Beaverbrooks and the public are able to come and watch the artists work, painting their benches in their Jane Austen-inspired designs.

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