Call Of The Wild at Flying Tiger

The wild is calling you to Flying Tiger - check out their fun range of wild animal-themed products that are brand new in to store!

Safari - £5

The blue antelope is unique to the plains of the Flying Tiger Safari. Choose from three African-inspired animals.

Knock Knock! - £1

Who’s there? A door. A door who? Adorable door hangers from Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Choice of three.

Bon Voyage - £3 small, £4 large

Whether you're jetting off a weekend or just visiting Nana and Granddad, pack your pyjamas in this suitcase.

Giddy-up - £10

Gallop away one of these African animal head themed hobby horses. Available in three different designs.

It's A Puzzle - £2

It’s more sticky than tricky. Magnetic puzzle book.

Whoops-a-daisy! - £1 each

It’s okay. We all make mistakes every once in a while, so you might as well enjoy eliminating them. Choice of four erasers.

Jigsaw - £2

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma? Lighten up. Try one of our fun, colourful animal puzzles instead.

Big Softies - £6

Wild animal head cushion.