Comic Relief Red Nose Day at Festival Place

This Friday (24th March) is Comic Relief's Red Nose Day, supporting projects in the UK and Africa. This year the focus is on five issues where the support of the public can help to make a huge difference: immunisation; mental health; vulnerable young people; domestic violence; and fighting malaria.

Red Nose Day would not be possible without the critical support received from Comic Relief's wonderful corporate partners. This includes several of our retailers, and you can help through your own generosity by popping in and picking up some of the great Red Nose Day products on sale now to raise funds for the incredible projects.

TK Maxx

TK Maxx are back for another Red Nose Day as the official retailer of the exclusive, limited-edition, designer Red Nose Day T-shirts. They feature a range of cute and funny animals with attitude and are available in men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes. As usual (because they’re just brilliant) TK Maxx staff across the country will also be indulging in all kinds of fantastic fundraising to push the Red Nose Day total even higher!


Specs-tacular news… Specsavers have joined as an Official Partner again for their second Red Nose Day! And, to help the nation make their laugh matter, the opticians have created special red glasses with extra comedy hands – perfect for resting above your Red Nose.

The silly specs come in large and small sizes and you can get your hands on a pair for just £2, with the whole £2 going to Comic Relief. Their brilliant staff will also be seeing their way to doing lots of fundraising to help raise even more, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


Stationers Ryman, have signed up for another Red Nose Day and will once again be selling a range of Red Nose pens. This time, they’ve chosen three of the new Noses: Sniffer, Snorcerer and DJ Boogie. They cost £1, and each one comes with a 70p donation to Comic Relief.

If you took one of the Red Nose Day pens and wrote down how much Ryman have raised over the years, you would need a really rather large piece of paper!


A Red Nose Day outfit wouldn’t be complete without a few finishing touches from Claire’s. They’re back with another fab range of goodies, including hair accessories, a light up tie, a visor, hairspray, stickers, tattoos and much more.

You don't have to give as much as £30, £50 or £150 - every penny helps so if you are inspired by the examples above to donate whatever you can afford, please visit the Red Nose Day secure donation website.