Crack Open Easter at Hotel Chocolat

Baskets at the ready for the Hotel Chocolat Easter hunt! This year the Easter Bunny has had some help from his new friends, shy sheep Woolliam, curious Rabbert the rabbit and imaginative Elizapeck the chick.

Also waiting for you to find them for the first time this April 16th: Hard-Boiled Easter eggs for your favourite hard-to-please people, the new Patisserie Extra-Thick Egg and more…

Extra Thick Egg - Rocky Road to Caramel - £27.00

Half caramel chocolate Easter egg, half 40% milk chocolate with cookies and puffed rice. Filled with some of Hotel Chocolat's most mellow creations.

The Happy Easter Hamper - £35.00

The Easter Bunny thought of the whole family when he dropped off this hamper of chocolate eggs and rabbits. It’s the big day in a box!

The Egg On My Face Slab - £8.00

A 40% milk chocolate Slab with a sunny-side-up smile. A cheery gift to keep them grinning this Easter.

The Easter Goody Bag - £18.00

Pralines, caramels and mellow, family-friendly recipes, presented in an elegant beribboned bag for effortless Easter gifting.

Egg Sandwich - Caramel - £10.00

Solid caramel chocolate half-eggs sandwiched with chocolate slices. A light-hearted Easter gift, perfect for fans of the breakfast buttie!

Hard-Boiled Egg - Salted Caramel - £15.00

Salted caramel chocolate Easter egg with molten salted caramels. The Easter egg for fans of a dash of sea salt with their dulce de leche.

Rabbert and Elizapeck Children's Easter Egg - £10.00

These farmyard friends have hidden six molten caramel bunnies in the box with your milk chocolate Easter egg!

Extra Thick Egg - Patisserie - £27.00

Half pecan pie, half salted caramel cheesecake Easter egg. Filled with classic desserts, reimagined in chocolate.

Extra Thick Egg - You Crack Me Up - £27.00

Half 40% milk chocolate, half caramel-white chocolate Easter egg. Filled with smiley faces and bunnies.

Hide and Cheep - £42.00

All you need for your Easter hunt. 80 filled and solid spring shapes in milk, caramel and dark chocolate, all individually wrapped.

Brownie Hard-Boiled Egg - £15.00

50% milk chocolate brownie egg with six gorgeous Brownies. The Easter gift for hard-boiled fans of the scrumptious tray-bake.

The Egg On Toast Lick - £1.95

Eggs are best sunny side up – even when they’re made of chocolate! The favourite fried slice cast as a 40% milk chocolate lolly.

The Bunnies Basket - £8.00

15 solid milk chocolate bunnies and chicks, individually wrapped and ready for your Easter hunt!

Extra Thick Egg - Your Eggsellency - £27.00

Half 50% milk chocolate, half 70% dark chocolate Easter egg. Filled with premium-alcohol truffles.

Mint Hard-Boiled Egg - £15.00

70% dark egg with peppermint oil and mint shards and six Mint Royales. The Easter gift for hard-boiled followers of mint.

The Big City Bunny - Milk Chocolate - £7.50

Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and dressed to impress, this Easter our 40% milk chocolate bunny has swapped the burrow for the big city!

Extra Thick Egg - White and Light - £27.00

All-white Easter egg. Filled with lusciously creamy recipes that pair high-cocoa white with fruit, nuts and more.

Caramel City Bunny Selector - £3.85

Soft-centred caramel bunnies smartly dressed in mellow milk chocolate.

The Caught On The Hop Slab - £8.00

Bunny is on the hunt for his lunch – but will you get there first? This 40% milk chocolate Slab will make them leap for joy this Easter!

City Bunnies - Caramel - £5.50

16 dashing bunnies, dressed to impress in solid caramel chocolate. Jump at the chance!

Easter Pen Pals - £10.00

Quiet, shy Woolliam, imaginative, outgoing Elizapeck and clever, curious Rabbert are three best friends who have adventures together on the farm where they live.

Woolliam - £6.50

A fluffy white lamb leaps over dinky drops of caramel chocolate. An Easter gift they’ll flock to.

Hop - Milk Chocolate - £2.50

Three bouncing bunnies in solid 40% milk chocolate. Perfect for Easter hunts, little snacks and children’s gifts.

Rabbert Speckled Eggs - £5.50

Milk chocolate praline eggs in crispy shells. An Easter gift for little bunnies to get their paws on!