Disney's Beauty And The Beast at Build-A-Bear Workshop

To celebrate the upcoming release of the live action Disney film 'Beauty and the Beast', Build-a-Bear Workshop have released new Beast and Belle Inspired Bears and a range of costumes and accessories.

Disney's Beauty And The Beast 'Beast' - £21.00

A handsome yet selfish prince transformed into a frightful creature, the Beast must learn to love and earn another's love in return to break the spell cast upon him in Disney's live-action movie 'Beauty and the Beast.' And now, the Beast is available in furry friend form!

With dark brown fur and his signature horns, the Beast also has lovable blue eyes and two special emblems on his paw pads: his iconic enchanted castle on his left foot and the 2017 live-action 'Beauty and the Beast' movie logo on his right foot. The Beast can also be dressed in his signature ballroom outfit (sold separately) for a complete look that will delight fans of all ages. Partner Beast with your Belle Inspired Bear to make a timeless set that's sure to enchant!

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Ballroom Beast Costume Set 2 pc. - £15.00

Inspired by the iconic ballroom dance sequence of Disney's live-action movie, 'Beauty and the Beast' fans will be delighted with this ballroom outfit set that's the perfect size for your furry Beast friend. This dignified look features a royal blue ballroom inspired top with white ruffles and gold trim. The royal blue dress pants complete this memorable look. Pair this outfit with the 'Beauty and the Beast' Rose Wrist Accessory to make your furry Beast friend truly enchanting!

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Belle Inspired Bear - £19.50

In Disney's live-action movie 'Beauty and the Beast,' Belle is a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior and realise the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within. Now, you can discover the magic of Belle's story with your own Belle Inspired Bear!

Belle Inspired Bear has yellow and gold sparkly fur with light pink ear and paw pads. Her left foot features her name and a golden rose emblem, while her right foot features the 2017 live-action 'Beauty and the Beast' movie logo. Dress Belle Inspired Bear in her signature gold dress and heels (sold separately) to make her complete! To make an enchanting set for movie fans of all ages, pair Belle Inspired Bear with the Beast furry friend and celebrate this timeless classic.

Disney Princess Belle Costume - £14.00

Dress your furry friend up as Princess Belle with this beautiful yellow dress! The teddy bear size Belle Costume is a beautiful yellow gown with Princess Belle cameo.

Animal sold separately.

Brown Wig - £5.00

Teddy bear size brown wig is perfect for dress up, costumes and more!

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Belle Heels - £6.00

Your furry friend will be swept off its feet with this enchanting pair of golden heels, inspired by Belle's ballroom look in Disney's live-action movie 'Beauty and the Beast.' These delicate shoes feature a shimmery tulle bow on each for a truly royal look. Pair these shoes with Belle's dress for a complete look that's charming in every way.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Rose Wrist Accessory - £3.50

In Disney's live-action movie 'Beauty and the Beast,' the enchanted rose counts down how much time is left before the spell cast upon the Beast and his castle must be broken. Will Belle and the Beast find true love before the last petal falls?

This enchanting rose wrist accessory is a must-have for any 'Beauty and the Beast' fan and easily attaches to your furry friend's paw! Whether paired with your Beast furry friend or your Belle Inspired Bear, this beautiful red rose will delight all fans of this timeless tale.