Easter Eggs and Gifts at Hotel Chocolat

Baskets at the ready for the Hotel Chocolat Easter hunt in Basingstoke. This year the Easter Bunny has had some help from his friends: shy sheep Woolliam, curious Rabbert the rabbit and imaginative Elizapeck the chick.

Also waiting for you to find them for the first time this 1st April: Hard-Boiled Easter eggs for your favourite hard-to-please people, the new Champagne Extra-Thick Egg, vegan-friendly chocolate Easter gifts and more. Here's some highlights from the vast range of choices for kids and big kids alike...

Pen Pals - Chocolate Farm Animals - £10.00

Three farmyard friends cast in hollow white, caramel and 40% milk chocolate. Easter chocolate farm animals imagined by a chocolate sculptress.

Sunny Side Up Easter Chocolates - £8.00

Beaming! Award-winning milk truffle and caramel chocolate Easter truffle selection.

City White Chocolate Bunnies - £6.00

16 dashing bunnies, dressed to impress in opulent white chocolate. Jump at the chance to try them!

Lamb and Mint Easter Chocolate Sandwich - £10.00

Bah! A woolly friend caught between two slices in 50% milk chocolate with Tasmanian mint and crunchy feuilletine. This quirky take on chocolate sheep is sure to delight.

Easter Chocolate Slab - £8.00

Bunny is on the hunt for his lunch – but will you get there first? This 40% milk Easter chocolate slab will make them leap for joy!

Elizapeck Speckled Mini Chocolate Eggs - £6.00

Milk praline mini chocolate eggs in crispy shells. An Easter gift that will keep your chicks chirpy!

Kids' Milk Chocolate Easter Egg - £10.00

The perfect Easter gift for children, they won’t be able to wait for a nibble on this milk chocolate Easter egg on 1st April!

Rabbert - Chocolate Rabbit - £6.50

A bouncing 70% dark chocolate rabbit hops over dinky drops of dark chocolate. An Easter gift they’ll hop to. Vegan-friendly.

Easter Egg Hunt Chocolate - £20.00

35 individually wrapped bunnies and chicks cast in solid 40% milk chocolate, caramel and 70% dark chocolate. Happy hunting these delicious easter egg hunt chocolates!

Chocolate Easter Lolly - £2.00

For those who prefer their eggs sunny side up – even when they’re made of chocolate! The favourite fried slice cast as a 40% milk chocolate Easter lolly.

Easter Truffle Egg and Soldiers - £8.00

Milk chocolate Easter truffle tiddly eggs with a troop of hazelnut praline soldiers. An Easter gift for those who prefer their eggs sans yolk!

Milk Chocolate Easter Egg Cup - £10.00

A Milk Chocolate Easter egg that keeps giving. 40% milk chocolate egg nestled in a ceramic egg cup, perfect for your next soft-boiled.

The Utterly Cracking Easter Chocolate Hamper - £55.00

There’s plenty to keep you going for the whole of the season in this Easter chocolate hamper brimming with chocolate rabbits and eggs.

The Easter Chocolate Box Sleekster - £22.95

30 spring tiddly eggs brimming with caramels, pralines and tipples. This Easter chocolate box is a gift to share with friends and family this season of bunnies and chicks.

Patisserie Chocolate Easter Egg - Extra Thick - £27.00

Half brownie, half salted caramel cheesecake Easter egg. Filled with classic desserts and chocolate this patisserie chocolate easter egg is the perfect gift on 1st April.

Easter Egg Sandwich- Caramel Chocolate - £10.00

Solid caramel chocolate half-eggs sandwiched with chocolate slices. This Easter Egg Sandwich is perfect for fans of the breakfast buttie!

The Chocolate Easter Egg H-Box - £12.95

15 spring tiddly eggs brimming with caramels, pralines and tipples, all in a Chocolate Easter Egg Box.

White Chocolate & Caramel Easter Egg - Extra Thick - £27.00

Half 40% milk chocolate, half caramel-white chocolate Easter egg. Filled with mellow truffles, pralines and caramels.

Big Easter Egg - Classic Ostrich Egg - £80.00

Half 40% milk chocolate, half 50% milk chocolate extra-large egg, plus milk, dark, white and caramel recipes. This Big Easter Egg is over a kilo of chocolate!

Strawberries and Cream White Chocolate Mini Eggs Selector - £3.95

These Strawberries and Cream White Chocolate Mini Eggs are created with fresh pressed strawberries, real whipping cream and high-cocoa white chocolate.

Champagne Easter Egg - Extra Thick - £27.00

Half 40% milk chocolate, half strawberry-white and milk. Piled with hedonistic truffles filled with Mercier Champagne.

Chocolate Quail Eggs - £10.00

12 chocolate quail eggs filled with caramel, praline and simple truffles. Crack your egg box open and share with the whole family this Easter.

Mini Boozy Chocolate Orange Egg Selector - £3.95

These aren't just any mini chocolate eggs. The Mini Chocolate Orange Egg Selector has a generous glug of Amaretto and oak aged brandy, zesty orange, a pinch of cinnamon.

Hard Boiled Mint Chocolate Easter Egg - £16.00

70% dark egg with peppermint oil and mint shards and six Mint Royales. The Mint Chocolate Easter Egg for hard-boiled followers of mint.