Easter Fun at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Easter is just around the corner and new furry friends have hopped their way into Build-A-Bear Workshop...

Spotty Dotty Bunny - £16.50

With a delightful array of pastel coloured dots, Spotty Dotty Bunny is a playful furry friend that's perfect for springtime. With bright white fur, sky blue eyes and floppy pink ears, Spotty Dotty Bunny gets its name from the fun pattern of pink, purple, blue, green and yellow dots on its fur. This spring-inspired bunny is a cheery addition to any Easter basket!

Cocoa Creme Bunny - £16.50

Make your own Easter fun with Cocoa Creme Bunny! This adorable bunny has cocoa brown fur with white patches on his face and belly. With loving brown eyes, Cocoa Creme Bunny is ready to play!

Build-A-Bear Buddies Soft Lamb - £8.00

With pure white fur, this pre-stuffed Build-A-Bear Buddies Soft Lamb is one of the cuddliest furry friends you'll ever meet! This 8-inch lamb has cream coloured paws and an adorable pink nose. Just the right size for Easter baskets, this Soft Lamb makes a perfect springtime gift.

Cheerful Chirps Chick - £16.50

Get ready to smile this spring with Cheerful Chirps Chick! This happy lil' chick has bright yellow fur and radiant green eyes. With orange feet and an orange beak, Cheerful Chirps Chick also features a tiny tuft of orange hair on its head.

Spring Splash Bunny - £16.50

Leap into spring with a splash of bright colours! With blue eyes and soft fur that's a warm blend of purple, pink, blue and yellow colours, Spring Splash Bunny is a vibrant addition to any Easter basket or collection of furry friends.

Blue and White Chequered Shirt - £4.50

This casual fashion top is a stylish choice for your furry friend's spring wardrobe. With four white buttons and a blue and white checker pattern, this collared shirt goes with a variety of looks and is perfect for every occasion. Your furry friend will be ready for warm weather adventures in this cute shirt! Animal sold separately

Easter Stripe Flower Dress - £10.00

The perfect outfit for formal springtime occasions, this lovely Easter dress features vertical stripes of various pastel colours and a purple ribbon around the middle. A tulle flower with a sparkly jewel center adorns the ribbon to complete the look. It's a must-have look for your furry friend this spring! Animal sold separately

Chick Wristie - £4.00

Give your furry friend's Easter outfit some springtime fun with this adorable Chick Wristie! This fun wrist accessory attaches to your furry friend's paw for added cuteness. This yellow chick has black eyes and an orange beak and feet. It's a great addition to make any furry friend the perfect gift!

Rainbow Floral Dress - £10.00

Rainbow and floral patterns merge together to create this stunning dress that's perfect for any spring look. With a pink top and a pink sparkly bow waistband, this dress features an all-over pattern of flowers in various colours. Pair this pretty dress with shoes and other springtime accessories to make the perfect gift.

Turquoise Sequin Dress - £10.00

Perfect for formal occasions, your furry friend will look adorable in this shimmering turquoise sequin dress. With lots of sequins, a thin pink belt and blue tulle at the bottom, this strapless dress is a surefire way to have your furry friend look its very best!