The Chicken Ninja at Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Get ready to 'wax on, wax off' at Gourmet Burger Kitchen with their latest burger special - The Chicken Ninja.

This all Japanese delight features Panko chicken, katsu curry sauce, Tokyo slaw, salad, miso ketchup and a show-stopping charcoal sesame bun.

It is absolutely nunchuckingly delicious and available now for £10.95. Two hands, compulsory; chopsticks, optional.

The Chicken Ninja is perfectly paired with a Matcha Milkshake - organic matcha green tea and vanilla ice cream that will melt your mind with its gloriousness and release your inner chi-ll for just £4.95.

It is also available as part of The Chicken Ninja Bundle for £15.95 which includes the burger, fries and a choice of drink (including the Matcha Milkshake).

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