15 Minute Lunch Menu at GBK

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If you've got 15 minutes, our friends at Gourmet Burger Kitchen have got your lunch. Guaranteed.

Head to GBK, order off the 15 Minute Lunch Menu and if it doesn't arrive in that time, it's on them! Choose a classic 4oz burger and fries from only £5.95, start your stopwatch and prepare to get fed.

2001: Gourmet Burger Kitchen launched onto the radar when three Kiwi guys found themselves starting a burger craze in England - Battersea, London to be specific. Since then, GBK have grown and keep getting bigger. Now with over 90 restaurants across the UK, they are famous for serving up an exciting variety of handcrafted burgers; combining 100% prime beef with the freshest ingredients and burger sauces made in restaurant every day.