Breakfast For £3.25 All Day at Wimpy

Enjoy a Country Breakfast all day at Wimpy for just £3.25.

The Country Breakfast comprises: a slice of bacon, a fried egg, a breakfast sausage, Heinz baked beans and a griddled 1/2 tomato.

Off available until 1st April 2018. See in-store for full details.

Wimpy offers freshly cooked meals, featuring the original Wimpy Quarterpounder with their own Special sauce, fantastic chicken fillets and the original beanburger. They also offer a range of healthy salads, and alternative options such as a delicious steak platter or gourmet chicken platter. They have a range of Powermeals for children under the age of 12.  If you don’t want a full meal, drop in for one of their fantastic Premium blend coffees and a sweet treat.