Take Off With 20% More at Eurochange

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You spend ages selecting the perfect holiday destination, the right hotel, buying a new holiday wardrobe and finding someone to look after the cat. But the travel money you need is often overlooked.

But if you want your money to go as far as possible (which let’s face it everyone does), here's one tip… do not exchange your money at the airport. Ok, so it may be easy but in doing so you’d be on average €18.64 worse off (based on purchasing £100 worth of Euros).

Eurochange's recent survey, conducted on 9th February 2018 at airport bureau de change in the UK shows that on average, you would be 20% better off when buying £100 of euros and 17% better off when selling back €100 at eurochange, rather than at the airport.

Why? Airport bureaux de change rates are much less competitive and also add on commission or a service charge. At Eurochange their travel money is commission-free and at great rates throughout the year!

So take off with 20% more by using Eurochange and receive an extra €18.64 spending money for your holiday. Have a great trip!

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