Mother's Day at Lush

Mother's Day is fast approaching (26th March if you haven't added it to your diary yet!) so treat her with returning favourites and new edition Lush products.

*NEW* Mum - £2.95

Bath Bomb - It might seem strange that ‘Ahh moment’ isn’t included in the ingredients list of this calming bath bomb. You’ll certainly experience one when it touches the water. Sicilian lemon and sweet orange oils invite you to lie back with a smile. Rose softens the scent to create a light, fresh and floral experience that smells as satisfying as freshly laundered sheets. Close the door and take your time. Vegan

*NEW* Ups-a-daisy - £3.50

Bath Bomb - Have you ever smuggled your dirty laundry basket back into the house on a visit to mum, or not been allowed over the doorstep without first taking off your mud-drenched - “Oops a daisy” - socks? If so, this cheerful, grounding bath bomb is designed for you (and your mum). It slowly dissipates beautiful essential oils - soothing rosewood, delicate rose and bright orange oil - for a fragrance as gently
sunny as a Sunday afternoon. Vegan

*NEW* Sunrise - £4.25

Soap - You don’t have to be an early-riser to enjoy the heartwarming beauty of a sunrise. Simply lather up with this bright and zesty soap, and wash in layers of toning tangerine and mandarin. And, like a ray of sunshine, a soft murumuro core will gently caress skin with softness. Vegan

*NEW* Baa Bar - £3.95

Bubble Bar - This adorable little critter wants to tuck you up in a blanket of comforting lavender, rose and ylang ylang to help you bed down for the night. Fluffy clouds of soya milk cuddle you close and bring softness, while clove bud oil adds toastiness and warmth as you soak. A hint of bergamot teases out the grassier notes of fragrant lavender and violet, promising sweet dreams and a fresh tomorrow. Vegan

*NEW* Your Mother Should Know - £5.95

Bubble Bar - Let’s all draw a bath to feel grounded and warm; bubble bars were a hit before your mother was born. Grounding rosewood entangles with sharp grapefruit and heady neroli for a unique blend of zen, your mother really should know about this one. Vegan

*NEW* Elise the Giraffe (You're havin' a bath) - £6.95

Re-usable Bubble Bar - Keep your feet on the ground and lose sight of your head in the sky. Heads or tails? Choose one end of your Geraneous giraffe to swish in the water and under the tap, then set her aside for another majestic bathtime. Create a scrumptious tower of bubbles as lemony yellow gallops across your bath. Marvellous lemon and lime oils refresh your inner sparkle, as grapefruit oil lifts you to lofty new heights. Wash your neck, scrub your hooves, polish your legs. Reach new bathtime heights. Vegan

*NEW* Scrubee - £6.95

Body Butter - Meet Scrubee - the newest buffer on the block. With all that hydrating honey and cocoa butter he may seem like a real softy, but don’t underestimate his polishing power - he’s packed full of ground coconut shells and ground almonds to give you a gentle, effective exfoliation.

Yummy Mummy - £9.95/250g

Shower Cream - Sometimes a hug is all you need - and this embrace of sweet tonka absolute and conditioning Fair Trade organic cocoa butter is the perfect way to get your fix. Luxurious lathers of Brazilian orange and geranium oils will leave skin prettily perfumed with their nostalgic floral fragance. Add a decadent drizzle to your morning routine for a paradisiacal pamper. Vegan

*NEW* Pink Custard - £8.50/250g

What do you get if you mix jelly and custard? No, not a strange dessert hybrid that’s better left in the bowl, but a pudding-sweet delight that smells as scrumptious as it sounds. This is no school-dinner reject. Swish and swipe its tantalising tonka and lavender jiggliness over your wobbly bits and make showering as fun as it was way back when. Vegan

*NEW* For Mum - £12.50

Gift Set - This vibrant gift makes a convincing case for putting your phone on silent, picking up a good book and sinking into a toasty bath. One bath bomb will entrance the senses with light, bright Sicilian lemon oil and rose absolute, garnishing the water with yellow rose petals. The other will crumble to create a pool as sunny as daisies, with restful rosewood and luxurious neroli. Take your pick of the florals. Vegan

Contains: Your Mother Should Know bubble bar, Rose Bombshell bath bomb

*NEW* Best Friends - £24.95

Gift Set - What’s the best thing to serve with breakfast in bed? Serve mum up five fresh and pampering pals this Mother’s day and she’ll be satisfied far past lunchtime. From a delightful daisy - spreading breezes of grounding rosewood and rose - to a friendly-faced sheep filled with florals, this collection has something for every bath and bubble lover. All mum needs to do is release them into their natural habitat… the water! Vegan

Contains: Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb, Baa Bar bubble bar, Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar, Ladybird bubble bar, Rose Bombshell bath bomb

Thanks Mum - £19.95

Gift Set - In the not-so-distant future, your mum will be luxuriating in the appetising fragrance and soothing feel of a body butter packed with oat milk, bananas and avocados. She’ll also gently exfoliate using fine sea salt and calming mimosa absolute, then enjoy a dreamy cleanse with comforting tonka, leaving her in sweet spirits. Vegan

Contains: Rub Rub Rub body scrub, King of Skin body butter, Yummy Mummy shower cream 100g

*NEW* Take Five - £19.95

Gift Set - In the not-so-distant future, your mum will be luxuriating in the appetising fragrance and soothing feel of a body butter packed with oat milk, bananas and avocados. She’ll also gently exfoliate using fine sea salt and calming mimosa absolute, then enjoy a dreamy cleanse with comforting tonka, leaving her in sweet spirits. Vegan

Contains: Rub Rub Rub body scrub, King of Skin body butter Yummy Mummy shower cream 100g

Mum - £34.95

Gift Set - Dive into this gift, your Mum might will be transported to cleanses in woodlands of elderflower infusion and elderberries, or perhaps scrubs amidst sweet fields of honey and ground almonds.

Contains: Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb, Yummy Mummy shower cream 100g, Love And Light hand cream 75g, Respect Your Elders soap 120g, Scrubee body butter, Salted Coconut hand scrub 100g

Happy Mother's Day - £69.95

Gift Set - This gift is filled to the brim with tokens of your gratitude. Some are for softening hands and body, some are for sweetening showers, and some are for taking time out in the bath. All of them are for showing mum your appreciation. The wrapping is even a gift in its own right: a biodegradable coconut husk base (that doubles as a plant pot for garden-savvy mums) is filled with plantable seeded paper flowers. Then, it’s covered in a bright knot-wrap, emblazoned with a print fitting for the spring season!

Contains: Rose Bombshell bath bomb, Yummy Mummy shower cream 100g , Charity Pot body lotion 45g, Sunrise soap (dome shape) 90g, Mum bath bomb, Baa Bar bubble bar, Elsie The Giraffe (You’re Havin’ A Bath) reusable bubble bar, Golden Handshake hot hand mask, Honey lip scrub, Salted Coconut hand scrub 75g, Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt, Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb, Gorgeous moisturiser sample 10g

*NEW* Hyderangea - £4.50

Knot Wrap - The tranquil, evocative blue of hydrangeas pops against a backdrop of warm yellow making this knot-wrap a simple, effortless way to liven up any outfit. It will pair as well with picnics in the park, as it does with afternoon tea... taken on the veranda (after splashing out on the bubbly option of course)! Why waste on packaging by buying one-use wrapping paper when you can give a fabric square that can be worn or tied again and again.

*NEW* Tulip - £3.75

Knot Wrap - Say hello to going into a meeting full of verve, or effortlessly throwing a scarf over your shoulder at home. This enigmatic knot-wrap bursts with beguiling purples and tulips captured in yellows and greens. It’s sure to spark the imagination… and not just with plenty of fresh ideas for how to wear it. As a bag, as a belt, or across one shoulder for a fun, seasonal accessory.

*NEW* Lily - £3.75

Knot Wrap - There’s nothing ‘everyday’ about this attractive knot-wrap. But then, do you wear everyday outfits? Inject some colour into each day’s adventures with an attractive floral accessory. It’s beautiful worn as a scarf or a loose headband tied at the nape of your neck. The versatile size also makes it perfect for carrying belongings in, packing a picnic or picking up shopping. If you’re short on ideas for presents, this knot-wrap is multiple gifts in one!

*NEW* Koi - £5.95

Knot Wrap - If you ever stand in front of a mirror in the morning pondering just what’s missing from the day’s look, you don’t need to go round in circles any longer… just throw on and go with this stylish, aquamarine and orange knot-wrap! It’s festooned in swimming koi for an effortless boost to your outfit. Why not tie it into a bag or wrap it around you as a headband?

*NEW* Mixed Fruit - £5.95

Knot Wrap - Whether you’ve gone bananas on payday or cherry-picked a few of your favourite things, this tutti frutti wrap is the perfect way to enshroud all kinds of treats.

*NEW* Poppy - £4.50

Knot Wrap - In seconds, you’ve got a beautiful, eye-catching blue scarf with flares of orangey-red. A minute and you’ve made a belt or a glorious, draping headscarf. One or two more and you’ve got yourself a bag or reusable gift-wrapping. Every time you feel like switching to another style, create one with this stunning knot-wrap dotted with poppies.