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Published on:27 APRIL 2020

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Basingstoke BID Chief Executive Jane Stewart is using her talent for sewing to make much-needed protective clothing for struggling NHS staff working on the frontline.

Moved by the plight of NHS staff running out of PPE, Jane, of Wildhern, near Andover, responded to a friend in neighbouring village Hatherden, for sewers to make scrubs.

The sewing group received their first patterns yesterday (THURS 23) and will now start creating the robust clothing for hospitals around Hampshire.

Jane said: “NHS staff are doing an amazing job in horrendous circumstances and I just had an overwhelming desire to do something to help. I don’t have a talent for creating vaccines or producing visors, but I can sew.

“As I’m currently working four instead of five days a week, I thought I would use my spare time to make the scrubs from my spare room.

“We have the patterns and all we need now is the suitable material – durable and able to be washed at high temperatures. Duvet covers work well. I already have some old material that I know will work, so I’m starting with that first, hopefully making 10 sets of scrubs over the next few days. It will be funny to think of doctors and nurses wearing gowns made out of my guinea fowl patterned material!”

Neil Churchill, Centre Director at Festival Place and who sits on the Basingstoke BID Board, said: “We are all so proud of Jane. What better way to say thank you for the incredible work that our NHS workers are doing keeping us safe, than by doing something to help them stay safe.”

If anyone would like to help sew scrubs please contact - to find a group near you.

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