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Published on:02 JUNE 2021

Article tags:Dining

We’ve finally been enjoying some warm weather, so why not celebrate summer with a visit to The Cosy Club at Festival Place, where customers can enjoy a leisurely lunch on the terrace or dine inside under sparkling chandeliers.

Stylish and relaxed, The Cosy Club's menus cover everything from breakfast and brunch to light salads and comforting classics, with plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Outside diners can soak up the lively atmosphere of Festival Square while enjoying anything from a vibrant Greek salad or classic burger in a brioche bun, to a vegan ‘fish and chips’ dish of battered tofu with mushy garden peas and tartare sauce.

As well as great dining, customers can enjoy a range of specialty spirits, craft ales and world-class wines, as well as refreshing cocktails perfect for an alfresco summer get together.

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