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Published on:28 JULY 2021

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Festival Place in Basingstoke is celebrating after receiving an internationally recognised award for its remarkable health and safety standards over the last 15 years.

The popular retail and leisure destination has won 15 consecutive Gold Awards for health and safety – and received the Order of Distinction from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in recognition.

Organisations receiving a RoSPA Health & Safety Award are recognised as being world-leaders in health and safety practice. Every year, nearly 2,000 entrants vie to achieve the highest possible accolade in what is the UK’s longest-running health and safety industry awards.

Festival Place Centre Manager Gary Cooper said: “Receiving the RoSPA Order of Distinction for 15 consecutive gold awards is an honour and a huge achievement, as it highlights our long-term commitment to the health and safety of our workforce.

“Our robust standards mean all our staff can come to work knowing they are in a safe environment, and that is extremely important to us.”

Julia Small, RoSPA’s achievements director, said: “The RoSPA Awards scheme is the longest-running of its kind in the UK, but it receives entries from organisations across the globe, making it one of the most sought-after achievement awards for health and safety worldwide.

“RoSPA is very proud of the achievements of its entrants, and with this award we recognise the best of the best, those organisations that have gone the extra mile, raising the bar for the delivery of safety in the workplace.

“Employees should be able to go to work safe in the knowledge that they will return home unharmed and healthy at the end of every day. Our RoSPA Award winners are central to achieving this goal.

“By entering they are driving up standards and setting new safety benchmarks for organisations across the world.”

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