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Published on:03 APRIL 2020

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Basingstoke shopping centre Festival Place has donated nearly 300 Easter eggs to the local community, to show its support for the work being undertaken during the current pandemic.

The donations, supplied by Debenhams, have been split between Basingstoke Hospital, the Ambulance Station and Festival Place’s charity of the year, St. Michael’s Hospice.

Neil Churchill, Centre Director at Festival Place, said “Our aim, by delivering these Easter eggs, is to offer a sense of normality during these uncertain times and we hope our key workers are able to enjoy them.

“We’re incredibly grateful to and proud of our operational team who are working hard to keep our essential stores open, including our Housekeeping Manager Tom Higgs who personally delivered all the Easter Eggs to our local community.

“We consider ourselves at the heart of Basingstoke and although the centre is closed apart from the few essential stores and banks that are needed in the community, we’re still here to help when we can.”

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