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Published on:09 APRIL 2020

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Festival Street Kitchen, which is situated in Festival Place shopping centre, teamed up with local businesses and cooked 170 meals for key workers.

Local podcast hosts, 4000 and counting, raised nearly £500 by its fan base for its feed the NHS initiative, with Festival Street Kitchen and Will’s Meals taking on the task of preparing the meals.

All 170 dishes have been distributed to the NHS staff within Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital.

Festival Street Kitchen offers a variety of burritos and wraps, tex-mex selections, burgers and sweet treats that are perfect for those looking to grab something on the go.

Neil Churchill said: “We’re extremely proud of our retailers who are coming together to support our NHS during the ongoing Covid-19 battle.

“Festival Street Kitchen are a testament to this, bringing their big pan to the amazing key workers in our community. For that, we couldn’t be prouder.

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