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Published on:15 MAY 2020

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Basingstoke’s Nationwide Bank in Festival Place has become a donation drop off point to help vulnerable people in the community.

The bank is collecting dried food, tinned goods, nappies and toys, in an initiative instigated by Nationwide Membership Representative Char Forder.

Customers and members of staff collect the donations which are then delivered to local charity Spotlight, which helps children and young people, their families and carers who are suffering from terminal illness or mental or physical illness.

Centre Director Neil Churchill said: “We’re extremely grateful for everything our retailers and operational teams are doing for the local community during these uncertain times.

“We consider ourselves at the heart of Basingstoke and although the centre is closed apart from the few essential stores and banks that are needed in the community, we’re still here to help when we can.”

Paula Valance from the Basingstoke Foodbank Team said: "Our grateful thanks goes to the Nationwide Building Society in Festival Place for all their efforts in setting up this initiative. We've been supporting individuals and families in the region in crisis for 8 years, we are currently partnering with over 100 local agency teams who help people through the multiple challenges they are experiencing including food poverty". 

For a weekly update on what items Basingstoke Foodbank might be low on, check 'give help' pages and the Basingstoke Foodbank facebook page.

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