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Published on:12 JULY 2021

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Talented students from Basingstoke’s Queen Mary’s College impressed Festival Place visitors with their artwork created during a year of disruptions and challenges.

From images of deserted streets and portraits created over Zoom, to shoes made from recycled materials, the exhibition was displayed in an empty unit at the centre.

Tom Cops, Teacher of Photography and Graphic Communication at QMC, said: “These students haven’t had the normal experience of studying with us; they had one full term at the start of their courses before the pandemic hit in spring 2020. Since then, like all students, they have experienced a mixture of online and socially distanced in-person lessons.

“Their work has changed because of this, but hasn’t suffered, and that’s a testament to the commitment and resourcefulness of both the students and the art team.

“We are so proud of all our students.”

FP Marketing Manager Emily Palmer said: “We’re delighted to be able to host a selection of the artwork created by Basingstoke students.

“Even though the students of QMC were deprived of access to the resources and environment of the classroom, their work is still of an exceptional standard and it’s lovely to watch our shoppers enjoy a different experience during their visit with us.”

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