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Published on:21 MAY 2021

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Top stylist, Lisa Talbot will be working her magic on two new fashion pods at Festival Place to bring visitors the freshest fashion picks from local retailers.

Award-winning personal and fashion stylist Lisa has been working on fashion pods in shopping centres across the country, and will be creating her first two pods at Festival Place this week (Wednesday, May 19) showcasing fashion and accessories from Joules, River Island, Apricot, New Look and Next.

Each pod will feature three different outfits for women, men and children, and will be beautifully decorated with dried flowers by Catherine Nix at My Scented Home. The pods will be changed regularly to show new looks from different retailers, and reflect the changing seasons.

Lisa says: “The first two pods will feature Summer Pastels, with this season’s lightest shades of powder blue, pastel pink, pale lemon, soft green and lilac. Catherine will be decorating the pods with lovely dried flowers like lavender and willow, which will make them look like summer meadows.

"The pods are very eye-catching, and I try to create outfits that will introduce people to fashions or accessories they might not usually associate with a retailer, or that they might not have thought of putting together themselves.

“Each model will represent one retailer and, whether it’s clothes, shoes, hats, belts, sunglasses or bags, it will be very easy to recreate the complete look by visiting just one store.

"I create looks that people can relate to, whether it’s an outfit for the beach or a formal summer lunch, and the pods have proved to be very successful wherever they are.

“The excitement of seeing a great outfit can really drive people into the shops, which is more important now than ever.

“I am a huge fan of the high street and shopping centres. They are about more than just shops; people can meet and have coffee, interact with sales assistants - it’s a place for communication.

“If people are encouraged to go back to the shops when they see the outfits I create, then I’ll be delighted.”

FP Marketing Manager, Emily Palmer said: “Our two new fashion pods will be in the atrium and on the upper level.

“We have some fabulous fashion retailers here at Festival Place, so it will be great to see how Lisa pulls together her outfits to show our customers how they can visit one shop and come away with a completely new look from head to toe.”

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