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Published on:07 JUNE 2021

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Could you be the Face of Festival Place?

This Spring/Summer the popular Basingstoke shopping centre is celebrating individuality, and asking its shoppers for their bold, brave and brilliant fashion choices.

The Fashion Campaign ‘Face of the Place’ competition will see that each winner is given a £500 gift card to spend, for a Festival Place photo shoot which will see each of the four winners style front page.

The competition is open to everyone. To be in with a chance of winning, entrants should post a recent photo of themselves with their favourite fashion items they’ve bought at Festival Place on social media using the hashtag #festivalface.

FP Marketing Manager Emily Palmer said: “We are incredibly excited to launch our search for the Face of the Place.

“This competition celebrates local style, and we are looking forward to seeing what great looks our shoppers have put together, showcasing the large range of fashion retailers that we have here at Festival Place.

“They can then look forward to seeing themselves as one of the Faces of the Place throughout the summer.”

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