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Published on:22 MARCH 2021

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Festival Place has welcomed an innovative new zero waste shop that is on a mission to help UK shoppers cut back on plastic use and reduce their carbon footprint.

The idea for Your Home Your World was 22-year-old Angharad Stephens, from Bracknell in Berkshire.

Aiming to make plastic-free or low waste alternatives accessible to a wider consumer base, the eco-friendly small business offers loose herbs, spices, flour, pasta and pulses alongside toiletries, cleaning products and vegan alternatives.

Customers can bring in their own jars or containers to be filled with their chosen products, and paper bags are also available for impulse visits.

Angharad, who has been passionate about recycling and low waste since her days as a student at the eco-conscious University of Swansea, is delighted with the response she has had from customers so far.

“Everyone has been so positive. We’ve had many people coming in saying ‘finally, this is just what we’ve needed!’.

“I want to help people protect our planet, but I think too many are put off by thinking they have to move straight to zero waste, which they don’t think this is attainable.

“Your Home Your World aims to show that we can all make small changes that add up to make a big difference.”

Angharad, who runs her shop with the help of parents Julie and John, tests all the shop’s UK-sourced products herself, and particularly loves the fennel toothpaste from Truthpaste, Zero Waste Path’s 2in1 shampoo & conditioner bars, and Two Farmers crisps.

“When the opportunity came up to open a shop at Festival Place, I grabbed it with both hands,” says Angharad.

“The management team here understands what I am trying to do – their own green initiatives are brilliant. They have been very on board and supportive and that gives me great hope.

“If enough people decide to take that one little step of asking for products with no plastic then the bigger shops will be forced to make a change sooner.”

Festival Place Centre Director Neil Churchill said: “It’s very exciting that Angharad has brought Your Home Your World to Festival Place.

“This is something completely different for us, and perfectly illustrates the move towards sustainability and the future of shopping.

“We are fully committed to supporting our environment and, since 2007, we have won a string of environmental accolades that recognises this."

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