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Safety first for families at Festival Place - Basingstoke’s Festival Place is a family friendly and safe place to visit, shop and have fun. However, losing a child, even for a few moments can be very distressing and our Child Safe Zones Shopping scheme can help reassure and get help fast.

Look out for the bright orange balloon window stickers - these carry our helpline number: 08700 62 20 42.

If you lose a child or need to report an incident look for the nearest sticker and ring this number and talk directly to our security and customer services team.

Mums and Dads

Teach your child that if they are ever separated from mum, dad or guardian, not to panic but to look for the nearest Child Safe window sticker, from where they can either look for a security guard, or a parent with children and ask them to ring the number, or go into the shop. Make sure teenagers know they can also use the number, should they need help.

Free Wristbands

A mobile number on a wristband is the simplest and quickest way to help a lost child. On entering Festival Place a wristband can be collected from the Customer Service Lounge. These wristbands are bright, waterproof and tough, so as well as shopping they are ideal for other days out or journeys into busy towns and cities.

Child Safety Tips

It’s easy for children to get distracted in busy places. Most children are reunited very quickly, but a child is vulnerable while lost so it’s important to teach a child what to do.

If you are lost:

  • Stop, stand still and look; don’t run about.
  • If you see the person you were with, go to them and hold their hand.
  • If lost in a shop, go to the nearest till point and talk to a shop assistant. Most shop assistants will wear uniforms or badges.
  • If in the centre, look for nearest bright window sticker, and then look for a security guard or a parent with children and ask them to ring the number, or ask for help in the shop from a shop assistant.
  • Don’t go up to anyone else.

But the best way to help a lost child is to try and prevent it happening in the first place:

  • Encourage children to stay close to you.
  • Use reins or wrist links.
  • Don’t leave a child in an unsupervised play area.
  • Write a contact number on a wristband or tag.
  • Carry an up to date photograph.
  • Make a note of what the child is wearing.

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