Open Today

Open Today


Pull into our pitstop and take the weight off of your children's feet with our Kiddy Cars!

Our Strollex Strollers come in various car designs and colours and are a fun way for kids to travel around the shopping centre while you do your shopping.

Visit our Customer Service Lounge to hire a Kiddy Car from just £3.

Cost of Hire

Up to 1 hour: £3
1 to 2 hours: £6
2 to 3 hours: £9
3 to 4 hours: £12
4 to 5 hours: £15

Please note: hiring of our Kiddy Cars is subject to a refundable deposit of £20.

The legal bit...


As the hirer and/or on behalf of a minor or person under your care, you fully understand and accept the following conditions of hire. You agree to:

  • Take full responsibility for all accidents, damages and injuries to anybody involving this hire
  • Pay for any loss or damage to the equipment arising out of this hire
  • Operate the equipment properly or ensure the equipment is operated properly, including weight and height restrictions
  • Maintain a speed comparable to a walking pace, avoiding contact with objects and other people
  • Not permit any other person to travel on the equipment
  • Ensure that any minor using the equipment is securely restrained at all times and is supervised by parent or guardian at all times
  • Not leave any minor unattended in the equipment at any time
  • Return equipment to area where hired from at the specified time
  • Not leave equipment unattended for prolonged periods of time
  • Not use equipment on escalators, travelators or steps
  • Use the equipment within Festival Place shopping centre confines and not to take it into the car parking area


  • You agree to pay a refundable cash deposit of £20 prior to hiring the stroller
  • You agree to pay the hire charge of £3 per full, or partially used, hour for the use of the stroller
  • You agree that a photocopy of your photographic ID will be made prior to hiring the stroller

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