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About Iceland

From 9am to 10am every morning there is a dedicated shopping hour for the elderly and vunerable. 

From 5pm - 6pm every evening there is a dedicated shopping hour for NHS staff. 

Iceland offer a wide variety of products from everyday items including bread, milk, fruit and veg to a great selection of frozen, grocery, chilled and fresh meat and poultry.

Why buy frozen food?

Freezing is nature's way of preserving food. Evidence of people freezing their food for storage has been found as early as 1000BC in China.

Eating more frozen food could halve your food waste! It's easier to control portions and anything unused can be frozen for another meal.

Freezing food is a 100% natural process without the need for additional artificial preservatives. All Iceland food is free from artificial colouring and flavouring.

Thanks to freezing technology, people can enjoy all types of food throughout the year - regardless of the season - at affordable prices.

It can help with the safe storage of food. Freezing food can reduce many potentially harmful microbes, which cause food poisoning.

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