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About Joos Mobile Charging Stations

Low on battery? Charge on the move with Joos!

Joos allows you to charge on the move, meaning you can always use your phone to stay connected, make payments and more - all without having to wait by a plug in the wall or locking your phone away!

You can pick up a Joos power bank at the Joos Box located on the Ground floor by the toilets or by the Entrance to the Blue Parking.

Scan the QR code or use the contactless payment terminal and rent a power bank for only £3 for the first hour.

Once charged, you can return the power bank to any of the Joos Boxes, either in the shopping centre or in another venue, whichever is the most convenient for you! Simply find your nearest and hit the return button.

Download the Joos app on iPhone or Android to keep track of your order, to locate your nearest Joos Box and to take advantage of our coupons & promotions. You can also to chat to us!

Charge while you shop with Joos, stress-free!

Joos is located at:
Ground floor by Toilets
Ground floor Blue Parking Entrance


How do I take the charger if I don’t have the app?

Scan the QR code to be directed to a payment area, or scan your bank card on the PDQ located to the right

How much does it cost?

If you have signed up to the app, it will cost you £3 for the first hour and a maximum of £5 for the day. The app will immediately take a holding payment of £5 from you.

If you do not have the app, price of use remains the same. Just scan your bank card on the payment terminal, located on the right of the machine. £3 for the first hour and a maximum of £5 per day. However, a holding payment (pending) of £30 is taken from your bank.

When do I need to return it by before losing my holding payment?

The charger needs to be returned within 72 hours, otherwise the holding payment of £30 will be processed.

ow do I report concerns or request refunds?

Via app, there is a ‘contact us’ support option – manned 8am until 4am.

For non app users, the website has this function too and the website can be found at the bottom of the screen at the Joos terminal.

Do I get charged daily for the charger if I do not return it on the same day?

Yes. Again, maximum of £5 per day regardless of whether the charger has ran out of battery itself and you have been using it.

How many charges can I expect to get from the charger?

This is not specific but if you are charging a standard smart phone and not streaming media (Netflix, YouTube etc.) at the time of charge, they estimate between 1 and 1.5 full charges.

Customer has paid twice in error. What do they do?

Firstly, return the charger they do not need. They will need to raise this issue with the Joos service chat team to request refund, as it will still charge for both as it sees them as separate transactions.

If I pay for charger use but then do not need the charger, is there a period of time I can return this before I face any charges?

No. There is no grace period for return of charger.

If I return the charger to the wrong slot, one that isn’t lit, will I be penalised for this?

Customer should be unable to return the charger in any slot that isn’t lit up for them. However, if this did happen, the charger itself has a tracking ID and Joos will register that the charger has been returned.

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