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Published on:19 SEPTEMBER 2019

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Eating vegan at Festival Place

As the number of people switching to a plant-based diet continues to rise, more and more cafes, restaurants, and bars are expanding their menus to include vegan food and drink options. Several restaurants now have a dedicated vegan menu, meaning that it is no longer a struggle to find a vegan meal when out shopping. With many of the eateries at Festival Place providing amazing vegan food, it is the perfect place to discover your new favourite dish.

Whether you are a committed vegan or interested in eating a more plant-based diet, the following guide will help you choose where to eat or drink on your next trip to Festival Place.

There are a wide range of vegan options available at Ask Italian including pizzas and several pasta dishes. As well as vegan sides and nibbles, the restaurant serves starters of Vegan Bruschetta and Vegan Super Green Soup. For dessert, opt for the Vegan Blood Orange & Chocolate Tart. It is recommended that when placing your order, you specify that it is the vegan option that you would like.

The vast range of vegan toppings, sauces and dips available at Pizza Hut, as well as their vegan cheese alternative, means that it is easy to create a tasty vegan pizza. Choose from their gluten free dough, flatbread dough, all American thin dough, or pan dough. With a growing selection of plant-based options, there is already something in every menu category that is vegan.

Wagamama also have a dedicated vegan menu to browse, with more plant-based options being regularly added. Choose from a range of tasty noodle and curry dishes including their vegatsu – a vegan katsu curry consisting of seitan coated in breadcrumbs and covered in curry sauce. Sorbet for dessert is also available.

The vegan menu at Las Iguanas includes Burrito Bowls, Veggie Chilli, and nachos made with a vegan cheese alternative. Sides such as refried beans and spring onion rice make a great accompaniment to your meal. Just be sure to ask for the vegan option when ordering.

The menu at Wetherspoon - The Angel includes some great options for vegans. From vegan English breakfast to jacket potato filled with roasted vegetables or five-bean chilli, it is easy to find something delicious. A range of sides are also suitable, while their pizzas can easily be made without cheese.

As Eat. prepare food fresh every day, their menu changes with the seasons. Currently, vegans can purchase breakfasts such as Coconut & Quinoa Porridge and salads including the Houmous & Crudite Pot. Vegan soups and sandwiches are also readily available.

At PizzaExpress, the option to have a pizza made with a tasty mozzarella alternative means that vegans have a great range to choose from. A recent addition to the menu is the spicy Vegan Mezze, a pizza topped with chargrilled aubergine, sundried tomato harissa, and spicy jalapeño and Roquito peppers, finished with rocket and creamy humous. Vegans needn’t miss out on the restaurant’s classic Dough Balls either, for they can be ordered with a harissa spiced tomato dip.

Marks & Spencer have recently launched a fully vegan Plant Kitchen range that includes lots of takeaway options as well as meals ready to eat at home.

Over at Pret a Manger, vegan soups, sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, and salads are made fresh each day. It is also possible to pick up a vegan breakfast. As the sandwich shop has monthly specials, some options are only available for limited times.

You might not expect a milkshake bar to cater for vegans, but Shakeway proudly offer organic soya ice cream and organic soya milk, making it the perfect place to create your dream vegan sweet treat.

With the introduction of their vegan sausage roll being something of a cultural phenomenon, it is likely that Greggs will continue to develop plant-based options. Several of their snack pots as well as their Belgian Bun are also suitable for vegans.

As all of Auntie Anne’s food is freshly prepared in-store, special dietary requirements can easily be accommodated. This means that their pretzels can be made dairy-free.

Nando’s might be the first to tell you that they’re not a vegan restaurant, but that doesn’t mean that vegan visitors are without options. Plant-based dishes include their Grains ‘n Greens and the spicy Veggie Cataplana – a rice dish consisting of chickpeas, chargrilled veg, beans, and a tomato and coconut sauce. Just let the team know that you are vegan to ensure that they are extra careful when preparing your food.

The Sushi Maki also have dedicated Vegan and Vegetarian menus on offer. 

Find dedicated Vegan Brunch, Tapas, Mains and Puddings menus at Cosy Club.

When it comes to tea and coffee, there are several places that provide vegan milk options such as soya, coconut, almond or oat. At Starbucks, many of the hot and iced drinks can be made suitable for vegans. When ordering, it’s best to let staff know that you are vegan so that they can leave out certain ingredients. You can also find a range of snack and lunch options.

The teas and coffees available at Costa Coffee are suitable for vegans when made with soya or coconut milk. It is possible that a plant-based wrap or sweet treat might also be on offer.

Vegan coffee lovers also have the choice of Caffè Nero. Pair your dairy-free coffee with one of a range of vegan salads and snack pots. The cafe also offers the option of a vegan panini, sandwich or wrap.

When ordering food and drink at any of the restaurants and cafes at Festival Place, we recommend that you specify to staff that you are vegan. Doing so will help to avoid any confusion, particularly if you are adapting a non-vegan dish. A number of these eateries also make their food in store, so it’s best to talk to staff if you suffer from any allergies.

We expect that restaurants will continue to put time and energy into developing vegan recipes, so it’s likely that menus will alter as new dishes are added. If you want to find the most up to date information, it’s a good idea to check the official website of the restaurant or cafe you are interested in eating at.

Thanks to Freya from the Vegan Society for the guide!

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